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A story of creativity

Coral Flowers

Meet gabriela

As a young girl I spent my time scavenging around the garden, collecting flowers and creating magical fairy gardens. I loved the bright colours, and the thought of creating a space that highlighted nature's beauty. As an adult, I guess I still do much the same except my 'fairy garden' is now my home.


A gardening enthusiast who loves all things crafty, I began creating functional art out of my bedroom by experimenting with a range of mediums such as acrylic pouring, resin, macramé and watercolour. I started gifting my creations to friends and family and when I realised they were displaying them in their homes rather than storing them in a drawer, I thought hey, maybe there's a market for this!

What was first a form of therapy for me became a dream of doing what I love for the rest of my life, and the inspiration and drive behind Luna Daisy became my world. I am so happy to offer completely handcrafted homewares, jewellery and accessories to you worldwide!

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