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Are your worries getting to you? Sometimes all you need is a little something to take your mind off things, and worry bears are a great way to ground yourself when you’re feeling overwhelmed!

Gaze at the gorgeous, real, dried flowers that have been everlastingly preserved inside your bear, tell it your worries out loud, keep it in your pocket or bag as a keepsake, or perhaps you know of a loved one who would cherish their own little worry bear!

Colour options are: blush pink, purple, blue and pink. If you would like your bear filled with a custom design, just add some details in the ‘special notes’ section at the checkout!

*Please note this product is in extremely high demand, and each and every one is completely handmade. For this reason, I’ve decided to offer them as a presale, and I’m working on getting your worry bears to you as soon as possible!

Worry Bear


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